About the Book Series

About the Travel Rangers Picture Book Series

Do your kids love exploring new places and getting lost in their imagination? Do they enjoy interactive books with cool technology?  If you answered yes, your kids are going to love the Travel Rangers picture books!


The Travel Rangers picture book series was created to teach kids about other cultures and countries. The author hopes that through her books, she’ll inspire families to have their own overseas travel adventures and memorable international family vacations. This series is both parent- and teacher-approved with a healthy dose of learning and cultural immersion amidst equal parts of fun. Teachers will especially love the included lesson plans!


Not only will kids enjoy learning about the new country, but augmented reality (AR) technology offers an interactive component to bring the book to life so everyone reading can truly experience the country.


These picture books are best for kids ages 4-9 years old. Sign up for updates so you’ll know when to order this fun children’s book about Australia. They won’t want to miss this adventure!

Mission to Australia, the first book in the Travel Rangers series, is an award-winning book!

  • Story Monsters Approved Winner in three categories: 2022 Picture Books (Ages 3-8) Fiction, Cultural Diversity, & First-Time Author.
  • The BookFest Awards: Winner in two categories: 2022 Children’s – Action & Adventure and Children’s – Diversity & Multicultural 
  • 2023 Independent Publisher Book (IPPY) Awards – Travel – Guidebook


Travel Rangers Mission to Australia

Erika Bud, the author of the Travel Rangers series, lived in Australia and took her son on vacation there, so naturally, it was the first country that the Travel Rangers would visit. Erika fell in love with the Australian culture and everything in this book that the Travel Rangers experience is from Erika and her son’s experiences, right down to Bella’s expression when she ate her first vegemite and cheese sandwich.


Of course, you can’t include everything there is to experience about a country in one picture book, but Erika wanted to capture as much as she could so that children would become more familiar with the Australian culture and hopefully, they would want to visit Australia in the future and experience this wonderful country for themselves.  It’s quite an adventure!


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Travel Rangers Mission to Ireland

Erika had been to Ireland three times before she wrote this book. After she and her son spent two weeks in Ireland in the fall of 2022, she fell in love with Ireland and decided it had to be the next book in the series. While Erika was out one night amazed at the Irish dancer moving his feet impossibly fast, she met a family of two sisters and a brother enjoying some family time together. Erika was lucky enough to spend the night enjoying the evening with this remarkable trio. The two sisters, Maggie and Ann were kind enough to fact-check Travel Rangers: Mission to Ireland, and Seamie became the tour guide for our adventurous Travel Rangers. Ann and Maggie were amazed at the likeness to Seamie. One of Erika’s favorite parts about traveling is the amazing people you meet. 


Erika hopes you fall in love with Ireland as much as she did. What a fun way to learn about Ireland!


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The four Travel Rangers, Kayden, Hannah, Bella, and James are standing on a globe with scences from Ireland including a cannon, sheep, a Celtic cross, and a castle in the background