***The newest book in the series, Travel Rangers: Mission to Ireland, is now available!***

Whether you want to escape to another country with your kids as you go on a picture book adventure or hear real-life experiences from parents who travel abroad with their children on our travel podcast, be inspired and go on a travel adventure with us!



Picture of Travel Rangers: Mission to Australia Picture book cover. The name of the book is in red on the top, left. A QR code directed readers to scan it to see the picture book come to life is on the right, four children are standing on top of a globe. In the distance is a helicopter and some sites from Sydney, Australia. One girl with black hair is in a wheelchair. One boy with red hair and a backwards basecall hat is standing next to her. Another girl with curly brown hair and red glasses stands next to him. Another boy with black hair and a yellow watch is next to her. All four kids are wearing a camoflauge vest.

Travel Rangers: picture book series


Make the world exciting for your kids!

Do your kids love exploring new places and getting lost in their imagination?  Then your kids will love this adventurous picture book series. Picture books about different countries have never been so fun!

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two children holding a globe with the name of the podcast and host in a banner in the middle and an airplane flying underneath the text

Planes, Trains, & Kids Abroad travel podcast


From single parents to families of eight, listen as parents and children talk about what it was like to travel around the world on their international family vacations. Laugh with us, dream with us, and be inspired by us to travel with your kids abroad.

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Host and Author Erika Bud is sitting on a chair, smiling. She is wearing a beaded necklace, red, tan, and black top, and has long brown hair and brown eyes.

Author Visit to Your School or Organization


The Travel Rangers are excited to visit your school! Your kids will have fun learning about another country.

We highly recommend Erika Bud to your school for a fun, engaging, and educational presentation. She was GREAT!!!!” –2nd and 3rd Grade Teachers, Fipps Primary

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Erika Bud and son petting koala sitting in a tree

Read Our Travel Blog for Travel Insipiration and Tips


Read articles on various travel topics. Some topics are inspired by conversations with guests who were on the travel podcast. Others are inspired by Erika Bud’s personal experiences traveling with her son and on her own. Either way, you’ll enjoy the travel inspiration!

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